What is Soul Medicine?

This has been a wonderful and exciting week for me kicking it off with my blog series!

My focus on Mondays from now on will be to invite YOU to go to your heartspace. I invite YOU!  To stop. Slow Down. Breathe. And listen! A tiny spark could find its way from me to you! It bears the potential to activate in you a healing activation that will move you forward to creating, manifesting, and living your very own Happy Wholesome Life.

I write these Monday posts with the intention to directly speak to your soul and aim to touch your heart. I invite you to set an intention with me and to take one little action step that day that will honor you igniting your soul desire by choice.

On Wednesdays I speak of Soul Fire. The fire that burns within your core, your heart, your passion. That which will move you to act, will keep you moving forward and will have you taking steps towards your bliss on a continuous basis. The Wednesday posts will be filled with books that I have read and highly recommend . They  will help you to harness your soul fire and keep that soul desire lit . They will become your beloved companions to keep you moving forward , prospering and grounding your dreams into reality. Books will change your life if you allow them to infuse you with their magic.

This week, on Wednesday, I introduced you to Publisher Linda Joy and her latest book “Choosing Happiness”.

Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness

I have gotten to know and love Linda for the past year through the power of social media and the internet. I remember Linda sharing in one of her videos what her catalyst for change had been : ” My daughter was my catalyst for wanting to become not only a great mother but to be the best person I could be.”



Linda also described herself as a single, struggling welfare mom with little to no self-esteem. I remember Linda sharing with us, the viewer and listeners, why she had such a great passion for books, for being a publisher, and empowering women through books. She shared how her own journey began with one book, that had touched her in such a profound way, that it activated within her a willingsness to heal what needed healing. So with the help of books she began her transformational healing journey and started manifesting the life she so wanted for herself and her daughter.

At that moment did I not only see Linda tear up before me, deeply touched ,but I also felt my eyes well up with tears and felt me choke up. This woman KNEW my story. At that precise moment I knew she was a soul sister sharing a little piece of the same history, in the sense that we both felt the power of a book . We both experienced the huge impact it can have on our life if we open up to the possibilities it offers and the soul medicine it contains. We both know that it starts with a choice… continues with little baby steps…and heals us through insight… understanding…. illuminating our path and those things that hold us back.




It gives us power. It empowers us!!

And it helps us see ,that above all, we must choose to become the heroines of our own lives opposed to being the victim. Once we can embrace and realize the power of such a moment…. We can begin to apply the soul medicine contained within that book and every situation we are faced with in our lives. We can begin to learn to listen. We start getting real honest with ourselves, owning our lives, and changing what needs changing.

Soul Medicine will come to you in various ways but it will always be something that will challenge you to grow, transcend, transmute, and transform, and expand into a better version of yourself.

So on Soul Medicine Fridays I will be offering little golden nuggets of my own wisdom and soul medicine. I will also share real life case studies of book wisdom applied and experienced. And we will celebrate success stories of transformation, illumination, and healing.

How does that sound beautiful heart?

Are you on bord?

Blessings & Magic to YOU on this blessed day,


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