When love is about to die….

Just three days left in Florida , I remember the moment Eric and I chose happiness very clearly.

I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday, and thinking about it, I feel the pain that was upon us on that Christmas Morning.

It was the Christmas Morning of 2010. The one where we got into the biggest fight we had ever been in . It was huge because it was cold, destructive, and loveless. Never ever had that happened to me before! No matter how mad I was at Eric, I never before had the love leave my heart.

As we were throwing accusations at each other, blaming the other for the situation and its unhappiness…….this was the moment I realized that we had hit rock bottom! As individuals and as a married couple.We were both so unhappy with our lives, our jobs, our money, our marriage. Ultimately that morning I noticed that I was falling out of love. I was falling out of love with the man I had loved for 14 years.

Never ever had we been faced with such a harsh reality. Ever before. The reality that we were listening to the voice of ego, the voice of fear, over the voice of love, the voice of our heart.

And then I remember very clearly, my wonderful,beautiful, lovely, and wise husband speaking these words softly :”….. or we could just choose to listen to love. We can choose to just follow love.”

His words stunned me! I could feel my whole body relax…..

And ultimately that was the day , the moment in time -25th December 2010 – we chose happiness!

I also remember saying to Eric : “Eric, you can’t keep blaming me for your unhappiness! You really, really need to find out what it is that would make you happy in our marriage, and what it is you want personally! And then you need to tell me. And we will do it – TOGETHER!”

On 23rd February 2011 that day came. Eric told me. We made a decision. We followed through. Got it done. And manifested jobs for both of us working for Royal Carribean International as crew members on a cruise ship.

After we had sold everything that we owned, 11.11.11 was the date that we left Germany. Pretty epic date , isn’t it?

Indeed what an adventure it has been! A 5 year adventure where we as indidividuals and as a married couple have learned that….

Happiness is… Making a Choice

  • Happiness is… Letting Go

  • Happiness is… Forgiveness

  • Happiness is… Freedom

  • Happiness is… Healing

  • Happiness is… Connection

  • Happiness is… Loving Yourself

And as a result of our journey, Florida has held a lot of memories for me and truly symbolizes this – our journey – to happiness. Us choosing the voice of love over the voice of fear. And amidst it all finding something that is truly authentic : our soul desires, our soul fire, and our very own soul medicine.



12.11.11 I experienced Miami, Florida for the first time.

Followed by two years of ship contracts with our homeport being Fort Lauderdale.

Followed by vacations in Florida.

Followed by living in the city of Fort Lauderdale for 5 months.

Now the time has come to move on. To honor Florida for what it was for us : a new beginning. But to also let go of the past, and just let it be….

Today I  realize and celebrate that….

We have never been in love more!

Our friendship and marriage has never been stronger!

We have never been happier than NOW!

We lead a life that is blessed by love, happiness and miracles!

We choose living life on our terms every day, preferring the company of happy people who are believers in magic and of magical people who are believers in happy.

Life is good! Yes, it is.

Isn’t it heavenly comical that we indeed will be moving to a city termed ‘the good life city’?

Becoming first time homeowners, enjoying the stability of a gorgeous home right by a lake. Albany, Georgia, ‘where history and nature flow’. Yes, indeed! We are at peace with our history, quite frankly proud of it, and just letting it flow. Letting the love pour right out of us into the goodness that is our life!

Blessings & Magic to YOU !

I AM A SOULshaker, SPIRITstirrer, fogLIFTER….

Transformational Healer

Modern Day Medicine Woman & Sacred Self Care Muse


At your service.

P.s.: And because you know that I love books! And because you know how I believe the power of books can transform your life. Aaaand because I know that you know that I believe in the healing powers of story…..

Please do check out these two resources :

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  • Thank you Nadia! I absolutely love this story and the messages it shares. Of love prevailing because you both let it and allowed it and chose it. Also, the synchronicities are really awesome!!! Great post! 🙂

    Brandy SchusterMarch 5, 2015
    • Thank you, Brandy! Yes, let’s all step into our power of choice. And love shall prevail!

      Nadia KraussMarch 5, 2015
  • Nadia, your story touched me deeply. Your words ” …choosing the voice of love over the voice of fear.” are such an important message for each of us. thank you for sharing your story so openly and giving hope to others that they too can choose happiness!

    Linda JoyMarch 5, 2015
    • Linda, yes 🙂 Love and happiness are possible!

      I am so grateful that I now get to share my story to empower women to step up and into their choice! I am grateful to be able to support this great, great book and project. Yes, I am a ChossingHappinessCrusader and Blogger. Absolutely!

      Nadia KraussMarch 5, 2015

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