Are The Winds Of Change Calling You ?

Every New Moon I invite you to come join me to set your intentions for Sacred Self Care with me, as well as owning that you indeed are the creator of your own reality. And every Full Moon I invite you to release what you need to release through relaxing about it all, so that you can RECEIVE what you asked for.

1.) ASK






Step 5 & 6 can be a real challenge for us as we always want to be controlling the outcome. Can you relate?

This whole thing about detachment to the outcome isn’t as easy, right?

So how do we do it?

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Before you begin anew you have to make necessary decisions and have enough awareness that they indeed need to be made.

These decisions have to do with a change of heart, a change of direction, a change of mind. It takes courage, strength, and faith to make these kind of decisions. And so does the decision to detach and release , expecting the best outcome possible, after you have done all the work.

The wind of change tickles out of you decisions that need to be made in courage, strength and faith.

And so does receiving your desired outcome. It’s the same process at the beginning of the journey and just before arrival of your desired outcome. But we often get so caught up in the asking and taking action that if it just takes a little longer ….than we tend to stop believing in our desired outcome.

We like to forget that we have to anchor our action in BEING the change by BELIEVING the change and then releasing all detachment of it and everything that is no longer good for us. And then we just RECEIVE.

You would think that receiving is the easiest part of it all. And isn’t it such a paradox that it literally seems the hardest?

All our stuff likes to come up right there and then. Just before the destination is reached. The whole spiel about not being worthy, not being safe, not being loved, and not being whole. And we start taking it all just way to personal. Instead of just relaxing about it all, releasing, and receiving.

RELAX > RELEASE > RECEIVE. Should be simple , right?

We need to understand that we have been conditioned out of our true nature (source energy) . And that is why it SEEMS SO HARD to relax, release, and receive in unshakable faith.

Doing things in alignment with source energy can feel off because we have been trained differently. That’s all. Really.

All it takes to create new neural pathways in the brain – rather than default back to the old pathways that we have been stuck in – is practice, time, and BELIEF in the change that is happening. And you might snarl at me right now since you have been trying.

I get it.

It is understandable to want things to be peaceful, harmonious and fun, but at the expense of not making necessary decisions and doing the inner work this is not going to be feeling good any longer. Denial, delusion, and playing the victim do not introduce positive holistic change.

This past new moon (with the astrological grand cross) was really all about assessing what your values are and where you are not valuing yourself and are not acting from a place of deep self-worth. Only through self-love can we learn to acknowledge the shadow aspects and dynamics going on underneath. And this acknowledgement is the first step towards wholesomeness.

Life Coach


Are all about unlocking the alchemy of surrender which enables our reality to shift and change the way our hearts are calling us to shift and change.

And because there is an abundance of choice and information out there we are often scattered within this process of conscious manifesting and co-creating with the heavens. And when there is an abundance of choice and possibility there often just isn’t enough FOCUS on your part.

That is why I always do an Elemental Forces Of Creation Oracle Card Reading during my New Moon/Full Moon FB LIVE! events.

This kind of reading gives you/us FOCUS among abundant choice and possibility. The elements of earth, water, air, fire, and spirit can help you brainstorm ways that will empower you to live a fuller and more rewarding life through Sacred Self Care. And within the unified field of all the elements you will find not only powerful alignment but also holistic positive change supporting you with growing strong roots and a rock solid foundation.

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